Purpose Built Daily Screening Platform

Screenin.me is a cloud-based Covid-19 screening tool built to provide HR, Occupational Health, Health & Safety and business leaders, a proactive method to help prevent pandemic exposure in the workplace and accurately analyse how their employees are doing.


Keep Employees Safe Using Our Automated Screening Process

Designed from the Safely Returning to Work guidelines, Screenin.me creates digital accountability systems for employees to regularly assess their personal health and for employers to standardise public health measures for the work environment.

Our mobile and web application provides a structured framework for businesses to record and measure illness markers and incorporate the information into actionable steps.


This Is How It Works

    • Quick setup - quick & confidential import of your contacts into the Screenin.me platform. All employees receive an email to confirm their account and to set their password. 
    • Daily screening process - employees respond to daily screening prompts from the platform, based on Safely Return to Work guidelines.
    • Responsive on desktop, tablets & mobile phones
    • You receive real time results - Pass/Fail results are updated in real-time on our platform, for complete control and accountability.
    • Employees' answers are time-stamped for accurate record keeping.
    • Statistical analysis - all results are securely stored in our encrypted database. 
    • The Screenin.me confidential system maintains records for HR Administrators to maintain insight into employee health, prevent spread, and contact trace in cases of exposure.

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